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Selling Canoes, Kayaks and Rafts since 1979

Mike Garcia

I’ve been selling Canoes Kayaks and Rafts since 1979 when I first started my company in Bozeman. For 34 years I had a full-service Outdoor Specialty business selling just about all venues of outdoor sporting goods. In 2015 I closed one of my locations and made the choice to focus strictly on Water Sports which has been my strongest lifelong focus.

When I switched over to only Water Sports I added the tag Rivers Lakes & Oceans to the Northern Lights logo and name to showcase our new venue meaning we are all about water whether it’s Rivers Lakes or Oceans.

At NLRLO you’ll find the largest selection of Canoes Kayaks and Rafts anywhere in the western US. You’ll also find all the accessories needed to make your time on your favorite waterway complete. We play on the water year-round and the Garcia family, myself, and my wife Sara run Northern Lights ourselves.

Our 3 sons Ian, Evan, and Nathan need little introduction as they are lifelong paddlers at the highest level. Ian runs our business Rivers Lakes & Oceans in Chile where we also have a Paddlesports business. Evan and Nathan live next to some of their favorite runs in the World in White Salmon Washington.

Needless to say, the family knows rivers!

We have a great selection for 2024!!

Rafts-Inflatables & Pack Rafts!

We ordered early and pushed hard to get a good offering so call us to see what we have as it changes weekly!
Our Brands include rafts and inflatable kayaks from –

  • NRS
  • Aire
  • Maravia
  • Rocky Mountain Raft
  • Star
  • Tributary
  • Outcast

We specialize in building your raft the way you want it! We have all the accessories to make it as complete as your needs require.

Frames from NRS and Recretec.

We can customize your frame needs so that you’ll be ready for any occasion. Be it fishing frames, full expedition or multi day frames or something simple for your favorite local run!
We build custom floors, casting platforms and siderails and can deliver a frame your friends will all be jealous of! Check the photos!

Pack Rafts are sooooo much fun!

Pick out a super quiet smaller stream or river that’s been on your list and get yourself a pack raft for the ultimate private adventure. We have Alpacka and Kokopelli pack rafts in stock and ready for your next adventure. We also have all the accessories you’ll need to make that adventure your summer high point! Stay tuned for some posts we will be adding on some of our summer adventures in pack rafts!

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Rafting folks listen up! In 2023 prices are going up. Right now we have 2023 models as well as some 2022 at 2022 prices so you can save some moola by acting before February 1 on some remaining 2022 models. Call for pricing! +1 (406) 586-6029

Maravia rafts in stock! 
  • Zephyr 15 Kiwi green
  • Zephyr 15 Aqua
  • Willy Willy 14 Sky blue
  • Willy Willy 14 Olive drab
  • Williwaw 1.5 Royal blue
NRS rafts in stock
  • Slipstream 9.5 package Grey
  • Slipstream 120 package Grey
  • Slipstream 139 package Green
  • Otter 139 Grey
  • Otter 140 Blue several
  • Otter 142 Blue
  • Otter 140 Grey
  • Otter 142 Grey
  • Outlaw 140 Grey Blue & Lime
  • Outlaw 150 Grey Blue & Lime
Aire rafts in stock
  • 143 R Teal
  • 143 R Blue
  • 146 DD in Teal
  • 130 D in Green
  • Puma Teal
  • Aire Cats in stock
  • Wave Destroyer 13 Orange
  • Lion 16 Blue
RMR rafts in Stock 
  • 14 SB Electric Raspberry
  • 14 SB Lime
  • 14 SB Blue
  • 13 SB Blue
  • Drop Stitch 14 Blue
  • Storm 105 Blue
  • Phat Cat Lime
  • Phat Cat Blue
  • Cat Tubes
  • 14 Grey
  • 14 Blue

We have all 3 sizes of the new NRS Slipstream in stock!

Slipstream 9.5

Slipstream 139

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rafting small


Recreational, Touring, Fishing, Whitewater

Kayaks Kayaks & more Kayaks!

From Recreational models, Touring Kayaks, Fishing Kayaks and of course Whitewater Kayaks galore we have them all!

We personally paddle and test every model we sell. Come take a look and lets have a discussion about what will work best for your needs. It’s important to match Kayak design to your desires and needs because there are so many models and they do behave differently.
The mark of a real paddling shop is we know exactly what we are selling and how it works!


  • Wilderness Systems
  • Perception
  • Dagger
  • Jackson
  • Liquid Logic
  • Pyranha
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Check out our Whitewater Touring and Recreational Kayaks in stock!! Call for pricing +1 (406) 586-6029

Pyranha WW kayaks in stock!

  • Scorch S fire ant
  • Scorch S gecko
  • Scorch M fire ant -3
  • Scorch L fire ant -2
  • Scorch L gecko
  • Scorch X fire ant
  • Scorch X gecko
  • 9 R II L fire ant -2
  • 9 R II L gecko
  • 9 R II M fire ant
  • 9 R II M gecko
  • 9 R 1 M custom purple green blue
  • Machno L fire ant
  • Machno M gecko
  • 12 R blue crush
  • Kids rebel blue red -2
  • Kids rebel fire ant


Jackson WW Kayaks in stock

  • Antix 2.0 S Flame -2
  • Antix 2.0 M Red
  • Zen 3.0 S Watermelon
  • Zen 3.0 Red
  • Zen 3.0 Red
  • Zen 3.0 Flame
  • Zen 3.0 L Red
  • Zen 3.0 Watermelon
  • Nirvana M Red
  • Nirvana L Blaze

Dagger WW Kayaks in stock

  • Rewind XS Aurora
  • Rewind XS Vapor
  • Rewind M Cosmos -2
  • Rewind M Vapor
  • Rewind S Red
  • Rewind S Vapor
  • Code S Vapor
  • Code M Cosmos
  • Code m Vapor
  • Code L Aurora
  • Code L Vapor
  • Code L Red
  • Mamba 7.6 Red
  • Phantom M Red
  • Katana 10.4 Vapor

So many Kayaks, so little time! Grab yours while they last!

Dagger rewind XS Aurora

Jackson Zen 3.0 Flame

Make an order!


We are well stocked with canoes in both composite and T-Formex layups.

We stock Wenonah, Northstar, Esquif, and Mad River Canoes. Call for current inventory or to make a future order!

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We carry 4 different brands of Canoes (Esquif, Mad River, Northstar, Wenonah) and they’re in stock!! We even have more boats coming in March!! Call for pricing. +1 (406) 586-6029

Esquif Canoes in stock all models are T-formex material.

  • Adirondack solo green -2
  • Echo solo tan w wood gunnels -2
  • Presage 15’11” Red
  • Prospecteur Sport 15’11” Green
  • Prospectuer 16 Green -2
  • Canyon 16’5″ Red -2
  • Cargo square stern 17 Green
  • Mallard XL square stern 12’4″ Green

Northstar Canoes in stock showing construction in each description.

  • Phoenix 14’6″ solo Blacklite w aluminum gunnels -2
  • Phoenix 14’6″ solo Blacklite w wood gunnels
  • Phoenix 14’6″ solo IXP w aluminum gunnels
  • Northwind 15’6″ solo Blacklite w aluminum gunnels
  • Northwind 16 Blacklite w aluminum gunnels
  • Northwind 17 Blacklite w aluminum gunnels
  • B-16 Blacklite w aluminum gunnels
  • B-17 Blacklite w wood gunnels -2
  • B-17 Blacklite w aluminum gunnels
  • B-17 IXP w aluminum gunnels


Wenonah Canoes in stock showing construction in each description.

  • Heron 15′ Kevlar ultralight skin coat w web seats
  • Escape 17’6″ Kevlar ultralight skin coat w bucket seats
  • Aurora 16′ Tuf-weave flex core White gel w web seats
  • Aurora 16′ Tuf-weave flex core Mango gel w web seats
  • Spirit 2 17′ Tuf-weave flex core Mango gel w web seats
  • Spirit 2 17′ Tuf-weave flex core Caribbean blue gel w web seats
  • Wilderness 15’4″ solo Kevlar ultralight skin coat w web seat
  • Wilderness 15’4 solo Tuf-weave flex core White gel w web seat

So many Canoes, I don't even "Canoe" where to start! Ha!

Wennanoh Canoe Aurora 16' Tuf-Weave Flex Core Mango Gel with Web Seats

Esquif Canoe Presage 15'11" Red

If it goes in or on your boat we have it!

River Accessories

Of course you will need those critical accessories to finish off your gear list to completely outfit your boat! We stock a very complete set of almost everything you might need. 

  • PFD’s
  • Helmets
  • Paddles
  • Maps
  • River Clothing
  • Spare Parts
  • Repair materials
  • River toilets
  • Dry bags
  • Safety gear
  • River kitchen gear


NRS FRAME  –  a complete fishing frame! 

We carry frames from NRS & RECRETEC!


NRS is the ultimate adjustable frame . Strong enough to take any load anywhere it is totally adjustable to fit whatever you want to load it with. 
From simple to full on expedition or fishing set ups we can build it all from NRS parts! 
We specialize in getting you exactly what you want in your frame. We can customize your frame with siderails of any size, benches and even floors to give your frame the ultimate in function and comfort!
3 bay overnighter frame!
RECRETEC frames are beautifully crafted for multiday trips and super easy organization of your gear. With integrated latch in boxes and a full line of custom add ons such as diamond plate siderails
floors and casting platforms it packs gear as well as any frame anywhere! All aluminum and completely fabricated by Recretec it is a lightweight superstrong design. 
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NL Canoes
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We have the largest selection of rental boats available in SW Montana!

Rentals - Canoes, Kayaks, Rafts

 Raft Rentals 
From one day pleasure floats to week long packages to go anywhere 
we can outfit your needs!
Sit on top recreational kayaks, touring kayaks or whitewater models take your pick and hit the river of your choice! 
Yes we have Canoes for that float you’ve been planning so make it happen this summer! 


Call for availability and pricing. We’re always happy to chat river speak!

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