Rafts = Versatility + Load Carrying Power

From a simple day float to two weeks or more on a wild river, we offer a safe and reliable ride down your biggest habit of a river or your one-time dream float.

Take along the kitchen sink or the whole family! With the right choice, anything is possible.

We have been putting people in rafts for 40 years! We help you build out exactly what you need, top to bottom, and make sure it works for you. 

On our most popular rivers, 13, 14 and 15 footers are the most commonly seen raft sizes.

If you have a smaller or larger raft in mind, you probably have specific reasons to make those sizes your choice. That’s fine, but be sure to carefully consider the pros and cons.



13 footers mostly have smaller tubes and less space inside. That’s obvious!

Sometimes fishing folks will want a smaller raft for their needs on some smaller good fishing waterways. They can be run with shorter oars and fit through tighter runs.

If you frame out your boat for fishing, a 13 footer is quite full. If you have two fishermen and a rower aboard, you won’t have much space for cargo.

Take that into account when you look at your overall plans!


14 footers are the most popular size, mostly because they have bigger tubes (which means less water splashing in) and you’re seated higher (which is more comfortable overall).

You have an additional foot of interior space, which means more people fit in the raft. You can also carry more gear with a longer frame.

Some 14 footers are 6-8 inches narrower than our best selling 14s, so look again at what you are planning and how much gear or people you have aboard.

Cooler sizes, dry box sizes, and overall inside width should all be looked at carefully in reviewing your plans.


15 footers are my favorite!

That’s because you can fit a 15 footer anywhere you can a 14 footer (of the same width). The extra interior room really shines on multi-day trips.

Families grow up and take friends on the water, so if you are floating with 4 or more folks, a 15 really spreads things out nicely.

Remember, every time you add length you have more frame length, and that means more cargo options!


* You can also make an appointment for the best experience available! 

Rocky Mountain

Pretty slick lookers at a nice price.

Rocky Mountain Rafts has been growing each season as a nice alternative in the PVC world. All triple-welded seams and built to last, these rafts are a common sight on Montana’s rivers.

10.5 Storm

A unique choice in the market with 18″ tubes on this little guy, it’s a great small paddle raft for some real thrill or a small row rig for a fast and light assault on your favorite fishing stretch!

SB 140

A sweet-looking all-arounder in the right size for most of the crowd. It’s RMR’s best seller and a great choice for this neck of the woods. All welded seams means no glue on these for many years on many rivers!


In the world of Hypalon rafts, NRS is the standalone toughest, longest-lasting choice you can make.

We sell rafts 12 months a year here in Montana, and also in Chile and Argentina, where they get tested on very punishing volcanic rock. These rafts withstand the rigors of that punishment year after year, when most others we see fail.

If owning a raft is in your future, you can do no better than an NRS Hypalon raft! It may just be your best friend for the next 30 years.

Call us to discuss your rafting wear or stop by Bozeman or Kalispell to see the best-stocked showrooms in Montana. 

Outlaw Rafts

The Otter Series

The Expedition Series

NRS knew they could compete in the lower-price PVC zone with a solid product. As expected, they succeeded. Check out the entire series at nrs.com.
4 sizes to fit almost any need!
Come on by our showrooms and look at all the possibilities!!

120D – $1895.00
130 – $1995.00
140 – $2095.00
142 – $2095.00

With 5 sizes to choose from and an outfitter-quality product offering as much raft as most private boaters would ever need, the Otter is our best-selling series of NRS rafts. We often have 25-year-old NRS rafts sitting in the parking lot. Need we say more?!

120D – $3525.00
130 – $3825.00
140 – $4350.00
142 – $4225.00
150 – $4750.00

Expedition tough and used by whitewater outfitters worldwide on the nastiest rivers around, E Series boats are proven performers and the longest-lasting, toughest choice available. Sporting the heaviest combination of Pennel Orca (hypalon) material, your E boat will always be there when called upon!

E 136 – $5125.00
E 140 – $5375.00
E 142 – $5275.00
E 150 – $5750.00
E 160 – $6375.00


Strong, sexy, and built in Boise, Idaho, AIRE rafts can be seen on all our great Western rivers. PVC exteriors with CAD-cut coated urethane bladders make AIRE rafts unique, and with their 10-year “No Fault” warranty, it’s no wonder they’re so popular.

Our best selling catarafts with several river-stumping designs will bring you to a whole new level of excitement when challenging our best whitewater runs.

A wide variety of color choices makes outfitting an AIRE raft or Cat extra fun when building out your custom needs, and we can really help there!

An extra layer of lacquer and improved tear strength are hallmark features of the new 37-oz. fabric. With an incredibly diverse line of designs and possibilities, visit aire.com to do your homework or stop by one of our showrooms where we can run you through the line of Aire models and customize your choice. If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, just call; we have more and can get what you need quickly. Here are our best sellers!

Super Puma

A superbly nimble raft with a unique narrow profile, it can tackle Class 5 water as a paddle raft. Frame it out as a fishing platform for 2-3 people and it will finesse its way down the narrowest of floatable trout streams and rivers. No wonder it’s a longtime favorite of many fishing guides on smaller, more technical rivers.
Super Puma $3299.00
Thwarts $250.00 each

143 R

Year in and out, our best selling AIRE raft answers so many calls. Big enough for those week-long adventures on your favorite Idaho run, or stripped down for your high-water weekend favorite and you’ll be all smiles. Remember, high water is only once a year. Don’t miss out!
143R $4599.00
Thwarts $250.00 each

156 D

I love rowing D series models; they truly are a sporty ride. The narrower beam and smaller frame require narrower dry boxes and coolers, which means a smaller internal space. However, we just had a 21-day Grand Canyon float and the 156D loaded to the max performed like a champ. If you’re a maximum-space-needed type of packer, go for the R series model as it will hold a fair bit more.
156D $4799.00
Thwarts $250.00 each

DD Design

AIRE offers 3 models of DD designs which offer more space at both ends, with the
“diminished” tubes switching to a smaller diameter at both ends. A quick trip to AIRE’s website for the technical drawings will clear up the story for you. The 136DD is a really sweet boat for anything from big weekend whitewater to a super-stable fishing platform. Take a look at this unique offering.
136DD $4449.00
Thwarts $250.00 each


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