Kayak Paddles

Lots of choices in this world, but since I have been buying and selling kayak paddles for 40 years and tried them all, I’ve sorted out what I feel to be the best performing paddles around and why.

From the high-end performance of a total carbon composite to a decently balanced, lightweight recreational model, we carry a nice mix of paddles for all styles of kayaking. 

The brands we represent are proven performers. These paddles are all balanced (they feel good in your hands and throughout the stroking process), durable, and very well designed.

We carry practical, strong, and inexpensive aluminum and injected blade models (good for rafting paddles or a spare canoe paddle) as well as some beautiful, strong and high-end performance composites. 

Yes, we have a speech on paddles and why some are much better than others. Hey, it’s what we do!

Our top seller for over 20 years. Top to bottom, these are the toughest and best-balanced kayak paddles you can find. Whitewater Touring and Recreational choices! 

Accent has been coming on strong in the last few years and is making some sweet models that hold a spot in the performance sector of the market. 

These mostly recreational models are well balanced and durable. We sell gobs every year   with no issues. They are the lightest rec paddles we have found, which makes them unique in that niche. 

Canoe Paddles

I’m still a huge fan of wooden canoe paddles! There are several good companies building really nice wooden canoe paddles, some of which are works of art! Wooden canoe paddles flex well to deliver a smooth power transition and have a nice floaty feel in the water. They also look cool and are plenty durable! We carry the following lines which offer all you need in a nice-performing, good-looking paddle.

Just like their beautiful wooden oars, Sawyer makes some sweet-looking, great-performing canoe paddles that make paddling your canoe more magical.

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Bending Branches offers sweet-looking and very durable wooden canoe paddles, and we carry a nice lineup of their models. Stop in and we’ll match you up with a beautiful new wooden buddy.

See the entire line HERE

Need a tough, rock-breaking composite paddle for your favorite whitewater run? Reach for a Werner, as they offer the toughest choice around. 

Carlisle paddles are our choice for the simplest and most carefree models. If you don’t know them by name, you will certainly recognize them — they’ve been around a long time!