Kayaks = Recreational + Touring + Whitewater

These class boats run the gamut from super stable to pleasantly designed paddling crafts.

The right kayak can take you almost anywhere, from Class III rivers to thousands of miles of ocean treks. Of course, most people are looking for a pleasant paddling touring kayak.

My favorite comment about whitewater kayaking is, “It’s like skiing great powder everyday.” Becoming a Class III kayaker is not a long process; it will get you down many incredible rivers, always learning as you go.

Recreational Kayaks

This class represents boats that range from super stable, not-so-well-designed boats (because of the emphasis on making them overly stable) to pleasantly designed paddling craft from 8.5 to 13 feet in length.

Anything shorter than 8.5 feet is too short to be a good design, and a kayak longer than 13 feet starts moving into more of a touring shape.

There’s one exception to the above rule: top models can be up to 14 feet in length to accommodate a larger person on a more stable platform. Kayaks of this size may also be more appropriate for fishing.
We have paddled all the recreational kayaks we stock and believe them to be the best value in the marketplace.

In the market today, there are cheaper models out there that leave much to be desired when considering longevity, comfort, and performance.

You want to buy a kayak from a kayaker!

A favorite recreational kayak of ours is the Zydeco!

The Zydeco 9.0 and 11.0 are such GREAT kayaks!

The Zydeco loves rivers and lakes and makes many recreational boaters feel more confident right away. I’ve had many Zydeco owners tell me the boat made them so comfortable that they took it places where they didn’t expect they would. That’s a compliment on the Zydeco’s overall usability.
Truly a standout, the Zydeco’s design lines help it outperform everything else in its class!

Touring Kayaks

The right touring kayak can take you almost anywhere, from Class III rivers (if you have the skill set) to thousands of miles of ocean treks and everywhere in between.

Of course most of you are looking for a pleasant paddling touring kayak for your day excursions or maybe a week-long adventure. The good news here is that the choice you make for that purpose will fulfill many more.

Touring Kayaks will run from 12 feet to over 20, but most folks will never “need” more than 16 feet unless they are out doing ocean adventures and need more packing room. For all my purposes, I paddle a 14-foot model and find it very suitable in the largest rivers and in the ocean as well.

As you will spend many hours in the seat of your touring kayak, you will really want to try before you buy to make sure it fits well and delivers the performance you’re looking for.

Whitewater Kayaking

For sure the most fun you can have in running water!

My favorite comment about whitewater kayaking is, “It’s like skiing great powder everyday.” It can easily be a lifelong sport, with obviously a little less throttle when you’re older.

In a whitewater kayak, you learn about water in a more complete fashion than in any other craft. Becoming a Class III kayaker is not a long process, and will get you down many incredible rivers, always learning as you go.
Becoming a Class IV kayaker takes more commitment of time and effort, but with the right mindset it’s not a colossal hill to climb. Some folks accomplish this in a single season. 

Advancing to Class V is a big deal, both physically and mentally. For seriously committed kayakers only, Class V can and does hurt many kayakers.

Come on by and we will help enthusiastically get you on this exciting, life-changing path!

Pyranha Kayaks

Pyranha 9R

The Pyranha 9R’s narrow width increases its dynamic speed and offers immense connectivity, effortless rolling, and lightning-fast edge-to-edge transitions, even for smaller paddlers. Best suited to a driven paddling style with control strokes around the bow to middle of the boat, the 9R has the agility of a much shorter kayak thanks to the tailored rocker profile. The 9R is just shy of 9′ in length, so it’s race legal at events all over the globe, and its ground-breaking design and unparalleled speed are just as much fun to wield during your everyday missions as well.

Pyranha Machno

The Pyranha Machno has been refined through the feedback of Team Pyranha members worldwide to feature a formidable bow rocker profile that keeps you on top of things, and a wide planing hull with soft chines that’s both stable and predictable. When you’re in the Machno, you’ll feel as though time has slowed down as you glide into the rapids, waiting for the perfect moment to plant those key paddle strokes and nail that boof.

Pyranha Ripper

The Ripper takes the #FastIsFun ethos introduced by the 9R and combines it with a playful stern for an extra dose of adrenaline. Standout features of the design are generous bow rocker for a dry ride; highly surfable, supremely maneuverable planing hull; maximum waterline for exceptional downriver speed; plus the security of a full-plate footrest and our new outfitting. With enough volume to take on all your favorite runs, in the Ripper you’ll be stern squirting out of eddies, dip turning around rocks, and soul surfing every wave… after all, kayaking is meant to be fun!

Dagger Kayaks


One of the most successful designs of the last decade and still going strong as it does so many things so well. For beginners just starting, the Mamba is a friendly, predictable, easy-rolling design that will take you to the limits to run whatever is in your path.

Available in 3 sizes:

7.6 (64 gallons 7’7″)
8.1 (77 gallons 8’1″)
8.6 (89 gallons 8’6″)


With its classic kayak design lines, the Axiom is a fast, responsive, quick-carving kayak that makes for a fun, high-energy paddling experience. If carving crisp turns fast ferries and surfing is your idea of fun, this boat will pay nice rewards. The 6-9′ version is a great starter model for kids to learn in.

Available in 4 sizes:

6.6 (39 gallons 6’9″)
8.0 (51 gallons 8′)
8.5 (63 gallons 8’6″)
9.0 (78 gallons 9′)


The latest launch from Dagger, the Phantom is for hard-charging, fast descents down Class IV-V creeks or big-water bombing when speed is your best friend. A new boat to help you push the limits — come demo one today!

Available in 1 size:

One Size (84 gallons 8’11”)

Jackson Kayaks


Jackson’s latest crossover of an all-arounder that wants to do it all. River running-creeking and a playboat all in one! Hard to believe, but the Antix paddlers agree this is one fun kayak that wants to play in every river feature and keep you smiling all day!

Available in 3 sizes:

S (56 gallons 7’4″)
M (63 gallons 7’9″)
L (72 gallons 8’1″)


The Zen makes a lot of paddlers better faster. It’s Jackson’s all-arounder, with a good beginner platform that’s easy to roll and brace and a top-performing creeker with good speed. It’s fast, it’s stable, and it gets you in and out of challenging water nicely.

Available in 3 sizes:

S (68 gallons 8’2″)
M (78 gallons 8’6″)
L (89 gallons 9′)


Jacksons newest hard-charging faster creeker built to handle what today’s top paddlers demand! Super slippery in hydraulics, this boat boasts greater control in the most demanding water. Come demo one today!

Available in 2 sizes:

M (86 gallons 8’11”)
L (97 gallons 9’4″)

Hobie Kayaks

Mirage Oasis

The MirageDrive paddle kayaks from Hobie are really something to experience! You’ll pedal away the miles with hands-free operation using your legs instead. This means you’re fishing more, taking more pictures, and having loads of fun in a Hobie MirageDrive kayak. A bicycle built for two and a kayak combined, this family-fun machine is super speedy and super stable.

You’ll have to try one to believe how fun and easy it is. Come rent one soon! Go to hobie.com for the full story.


Sleek and stable, these nimble MirageDrive kayaks are our favorites for day use.

Pro Anglers

Available in 12′ 14′ or 2 person 17 footers, the Pro Angler is the ultimate fishing machine. Super stable and loaded with useful accessories and options galore, it’s destined to become your favorite fishing platform. Once again, hands-free operation means you’re fishing almost all the time you’re on the water, and that means MORE FISH.

Kayaks We Carry

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