Canoeing = Truly a legacy sport in American history

The canoe has a tradition in North America that goes back several hundred years. It was an invention of Native Americans and served them unbelievably well.

As kayaking has grown, canoeing has declined in popularity. However, if you’re still as fascinated by the idea of a canoe as I am, you’ll find that canoeing offers HUGE REWARDS. It’s peaceful and calm but can also be exhilarating and challenging if you choose to make it so.

Canoes can carry a month’s supply of camping gear, and North America has the greatest access to long canoeing adventures anywhere in the world.
Even a weekend or a week-long camping adventure in a canoe can be an amazing adventure. You quickly leave the hurried world behind as you gracefully chew up the miles and visit new terrain.

I’ve been using canoes for 50 years. While I’m more often found in a kayak, the thought of my next days spent in my canoe are always there.

Canoes offer a great way to introduce a friend to water-based travel because in a canoe, it’s a fully shared experience in the same craft.

Hand-Picked Models

We carry several hand-picked models from brands that represent the very best the canoeing world has to offer.

Northstar Canoes

Unbelievably lightweight, strong, and beautiful, Northstar canoes represent all that you would want in your dream canoe.

Wenonah Canoes

The leader in canoe design and building for 50 years, Wenonah offers the most complete line of canoes available today.

Mad River Canoes

Tough and reliable best describes Mad River Canoes. With the new T-Formex material now available, my old time favorite forever travel the “Explorer” is back and am I GLAD!!

Canoes & SUPs We Carry

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